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Nearby Attractions

Stonehenge - photo taken by Gareth Wiscombe on 30th July 2007

photo by Gareth Wiscombe 30-Jul-07

Longleat House - photo taken by Andrew Nesbitt

photo by Andrew Nesbitt -

Avebury stone circle - photo taken by Colin Eric on 21st October 2007

photo by Colin Eric 21-Oct-07

Stourhead Gardens photo by Toby Charlton-Taylor on 8th April 2010

photo by Toby Charlton-Taylor

Salisbury Cathedral - photo taken by Toby Oxborrow aka Mr Wabu on 6th August 2004

photo by Toby Oxborrow 6-Aug-2004

Bath - photo taken by StewBl@ck on 26th May 2009

photo by StewBl@ck on 26-May-09

Shaftesbury's Gold Hill - photo taken by Oz on 12th June 2005

photo by Oz on 12-Jun-05

Wardour Castle - photo taken by René Ehrhardt 20th Jan 2007

photo by René Ehrhardt 20-Jan-07

Photo taken by David Merrett aka Dave Hamster on 13th June 2009

photo by David Merrett 13-Jun-09

Photo taken by Fernando de Sousaon aka Looking Glass on 16th April 2008

photo by Fernando de Sousaon 16-Apr-08

The Art of Fly Fishing by Keith Roberts aka wilderness140 taken on 23rd May 2009

photo by Keith Roberts 23-May-09

Crop circles 04 taken by Le Petit Poulailler on 17th March 2008

photo by Le Petit Poulailler 17-Mar-08


The ancient Stone Circle of Stonehenge is 15 miles from The Old Rectory.

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Longleat is just 12 miles away. Longleat House is a great example of high Elizabethan architecture. This magnificent stately home is open to the public and Longleat Safari Park as shown on the BBC's Animal Park is worth a visit too.

Link to Longleat


Visit the largest stone circle in the world in the beautiful village of Avebury.

Link to Avebury stone circle


Stourhead's Palladian mansion and spectacular 18th century landscape garden, encompassing classical temples and a backdrop of rare and exotic trees, is world famous.

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Salisbury Cathedral

You are just 18 miles from Salisbury Cathedral. The gothic Cathedral contains the world's oldest working clock (from AD 1386) and has one of the four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta.

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Bath is just 28 miles away and brimming with things to see and do. Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Bath presents some of the finest architectural sights in Europe such as the Royal Crescent, the Circus and Pulteney Bridge alongside a diverse collection of museums and attractions including the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and Thermae Bath Spa. Bath's compact city centre offers irresistible shopping and there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the surrounding area.

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Shaftesbury's Gold Hill

Shaftesbury is a small Market Town (10 miles away) with a history that goes back to medieval times and hill-top forts. Shaftsbury is also home of the famous Hovis advertisement on Gold Hill, and has magnificent views over Blackmore Vale.

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Old Wardour Castle

This stunning castle is beautifully sited beside a lake surrounded by landscaped grounds and Wiltshire countryside just 6 miles away.

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Motor Racing

Thruxton is 24 miles away - close enough for a day out but certainly far enough away to avoid the crowds and the noise. We also have Salisbury Race course with a programme of meetings throughout the summer.

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Sky Diving, Flying and Parachuting

Not for the feint of heart, Salisbury is also a home for Sky Diving and Flying. Information is available in the hotel.

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Fly fishing

There are also a number of local fly fishing courses and information about booking is available at the hotel.

Crop Circles

And for those interested in the mysterious, the area is famous for having more crop circles than anywhere else in the world!

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